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“I tested the towel over the weekend, great product, well done. I can attest to the fact that you can do one 2016 Audi RS6 with one towel!” – David Mackrell, President Porsche Club New Zealand
“We used the towel a number of times in the Euro City Volkswagen showroom, usually bringing a wet (rain) car inside - towelling it off in the showroom door and it works extremely well. I have since given it to our groomer who will not part with it and it’s getting a good work out every day.” – Quentin de Groot, Euro City
“Thanks Rapid Dry Towels - your super-fast drying towel is perfect for my Land Speed Record Porsche 930. Katy filmed me for my first attempt at your record. The time to beat was 3 minutes 41 seconds and amazingly I had finished within 1 minute 38 seconds!! My time included six seconds of penalty when Katy saw water on my whale tail. This is a product to be proud of and I will be using it weekly when on car wash duty.” – Racing Ray Williams – New Zealand Road Car Land Speed Record Holder
WOW… what can I say. Today is the first time I used my new Rapid Dry Towel, and all I can say is “Holy Jackpot Batman”!!! This is the first time in many, many years, that I have been able to dry my car in one fell swoop, without have to ring out my microfiber towel after every few wipes. Even after drying the complete car in one go, I was still able to go around the car and dry off those niggly little places which are hard to reach, and I still haven’t needed to wring out the towel. I could probably keep on going for another half an hour. The very first time I placed the towel onto the cars roof and I started to pull it across the surface, I felt an immediate resistance that I have not felt before with any other type of towel. I thought to myself “this thing sticks like S*#@T to a blanket” (excuse the analogy) and after the first swipe the car was completely dry, no need for a second wipe. That is exactly what I want, as drying the car for me is the most boring part of the clean, but now it has got so much easier. Thanks Rapid Dry" – Neil 
"We received our Rapid Dry Towel yesterday and have already used it a couple of times. Thank you very much for our bonus towel also! - Great customer service! We are a car valet services company based in a smaller town. Grooming up to 4-6 cars per day can take its toll however with a great product like this it makes thing much faster and easier. It gets a thumbs up from us! We understand there is an art whilst using the towel however have adapted to "the glove" technique and works great - towel stays off the ground with even weight distribution. Once again thanks for the great service and product!" – Kayne

"I have purchased two of these towels for my cars. They are very good and I can highly recommend them. I'm not affiliated in anyway with the company that makes them, however I am a person with classic cars that have competed with distinction at the annual Ellerslie Concours. Great product." – Angus


"Awesome towel thanks guys" – Steve



“I have used the towel a couple of times now and it is a great product & saves a lot of time, I’ve found it dries by itself overnight and can then be reused” – Barry


“Hi there, I just used my Rapid Dry Towel for the first time today on my Mazda RX8, and I must admit I was impressed with how well it dried the car without leaving any drying marks. Great product.” – Roger

“What an awesome product! Cut the drying time down to nothing and left an amazing finish. Cheers!” – Andrew


“Just used my Rapid Dry Towel for the first time. Worked a treat!!” – Tim

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Great product

Great product

Best towels ever

It works just like my massive car towel I got as well.

Love these towels. So quick and easy to use on my 4x4's. No smuggling

The Finisher
Patrizia Borrelli

This product is amazing! I was a little sceptical, but this towel works exactly as shown. It left my car and windows streak free and dried in minutes. Have already purchased more and even showed my family this great product.

Wash towel

It is excellent for washing however, it gets very heavy once it is wet and very awkward to handle. I am a 68 year old lady so for young more agile people this won't be a problem. However,I have cut it in half and it is now perfect for me to handle. I use one half for the car and the other for my shower. Still a fantastic product.

The Finisher
Belinda Lammert


Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel

Excellent drying, great for the morning dew as well

The Finisher 3-pack
Elaine Walters
Fantastic products

These are the very best towels I have bought and do exactly as advertised, saves so much time when drying the car and windows.

Great sister product to washer unit.

Like the washer towel, this dying towel lived up to its advertised claims! Very pleased with results.

Great product

Following my first trial of this product, it certainly lived up to its marketing claim.

Rapid towel

Absolutely brilliant.

Great little products

I now have all three products - the car towels, finisher and these little coasters and all are fantastic doing a great job and the coaster are perfect to fit in your bag for cleaning all types of spectacles. Would recommend any of their products.

The Finisher 3-pack
Elaine Walters
Brilliant finishers and coasters

Fantastic for the little jobs and windows on the car. I got the towels and have never looked back. Great product that actually works

Rapid Dry, from How to Wow!!!

I'm SO delighted with the effectiveness of my Rapid Dry towel!
I'm now enthusiastic about washing my car just so I get to use the towel to dry the car in amazingly rapid time, as promised by the selling organisation! I think I'm dreaming!
Many thanks, Rapid Dry! So happy with your towel!

Speed car wash towel

Bit on the pricey side. Does a great job but is a bit big and heavy. I have cut mine down to two thirds and one third.
Now good for smaller areas,bumpers, and inside doors. I have 2 of the large drying towels and they are outstanding!!

The Finisher
norm ryan
The finisher

I purchased 2. Great to finish off grill,lights and glass. Very happy with the results.

Did I do that already?

Just used my Rapid towel on my car.Neighbour was over so I thought I'd show off my latest purchase.We couldn't believe the polished finish with one drag of the towel.He is off to get one.

It Works

Delighted with my purchase. It does what it says it will do. Buying more for the house. Thank you.

Highly Recommend

Was skeptical to be honest when I purchased, but WOW does exactly as is says. Dried my Ranger in no time also on mums Hatchback. Showed a couple of other people and they were equally impressed. Would be great though if it came in different colors as I would like to buy different color to use on my Leonberger, as I don't want to use my car ones on him

First time use

I tried the towel first time today, towel was completely saturated just doing the bonnet roof, rear hatch and one side and very heavy with trapped water, wont wring out, I used a finisher towel I bought with it, to well finish, impossible to wipe down a car on 90 seconds unless its a dinky car, does not leave any streaks on glass or paintwork which is good, and doesn't leave any lint which is also good I ended up finishing my wheels with a Bowdens Own Big Green Sucker as the other 2 were fully saturated , not totally unhappy with it but not completely happy either, is now hanging on the cloths line to dry, so not 5 stars from me and I wont be throwing out my Aion Plas Chamois (excellent chamois) just yet which has the advantage of being able to be wrung out and put away unlike these towels ............

Best in the Business- Highly recommend

Before purchasing my Rapid Dry Towel I have to admit I was skeptical of how well and effectively it would work... Absolutely Blown away with the results and would recommend to anyone who really wants to look after their car and especially the paintwork.. Grab one for your self

I no longer hate washing my car!

I always used to keep putting off washing my car because I dreaded spending so much time drying it. This towel made all the difference because it's so quick to dry the car now!